iPad vs. MacAir: Which is better for schools?

The world of personal computing has changed enormously in the past few years, not least because of the emergence of tablet PCs. Tablets allow users to perform the same tasks they would do on a PC or laptop on a portable touchscreen device, without the added weight or lack of mobility that comes with its bulkier cousins. Apple’s world-famous iPad is the most popular, although in the MacBook Air, they have an ultra-lightweight netbook that is ideal for students in need of something to help them learn more effectively.

Both have their advantages, but which is better for school students who want to use something for research, essay writing and communication? PCs and laptops have just about everything a student could possibly need, whereas the MacBook Air and iPad don’t quite have it all, but they’re pretty close in terms of quality, and the fact that they’re both lighter and easier to carry around makes them great alternatives. The iPad can be pretty expensive, and, despite the fact that it’s very easy to use, doesn’t have every single feature that a student needs. However, it looks great, and can even be taken into class if needed. One of the issues with the iPad is the lack of space, meaning that, to store plenty of files, you’ll either have to use cloud storage or an external USB lead, even with the most expensive model.

In terms of functionality, the MacBook Air works just as well as most laptops, with just as much space. On top of that, it also has a bigger internal hard drive than even the most expensive iPad, and as it has a proper keyboard, it’s easier to use for typing, which can be difficult when using the iPad’s touch screen. However, it’s not without its limitations, and unlike the iPad, doesn’t come with 3G capabilities.

Out of the two, the MacBook Air is perhaps the most suitable for school and college students. The fact that it’s easier for writing and searching is useful, while there won’t be any issues with limited space for important documents, but the more expensive models do cost more than an iPad. However, if you had to choose between one and the other, the MacBook Air shades it over its more compact rival.