Do not use Safeguard self storage – Worst self storage ever

Sometimes it’s important for us to get reviews from our peers for you to get the right service. Today we feel it is our duty to tell the truth about awful service.

Self storage is something you might consider at some point and you have to know that safeguard self storage is the worst self storage ever. Do not use it.

Here is why:
– Their service is the worst. They don’t care about their clients and when you ask them for something they will never reply to you. They are not responsive at all.
– They overcharge and they never inform you about it. What they do is very simple. They charge you but after you close your account so you are not aware of it. Then, you get a call from a debt collection company and they force you to pay. You have 24 hours and you have no choice.
– Again if you try to contact them to get an explanation they will just say we haven’t done anything wrong. That’s too bad.

Thankfully, the FTC is here to protect us against companies like them. This is unfortunate that such companies but hopefully internet will help us make a difference between self storage at the right price and a rip off.

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