A new venture that could be helpful for students

A lot of students plan to become entrepreneurs and we want to help our readers!

That’s why we wanted to give the opportunity to Derek Haake, founder of BookDefy, to talk about his new venture. Good luck to him and hopefully this could be really helpful for students!

Each semester students try and figure out ways to get more money for their used textbooks and ways to save when buying textbooks. One of the simplest ways for students to do this is to exchange their books with each other. Although simple in concept, it is much more difficult in practice. Trying to figure out who wants a textbook is very difficult, and it means talking to everyone you know, then posting signs around campus and filling out information on message boards. Then, if you do find someone interested, you end up meeting some stranger in a back alley to swap your book.

The bookstores love this and keep buying used books at a fraction of what students paid for them, meanwhile, selling that same book for 2 or 3 times what they paid the first student. As students, we take this because we have no real alternatives to feeding the bookstore monopoly.

All of this has changed with BookDefy.com. BookDefy is a social tool that allows students to privately and safely exchange their textbooks. BookDefy’s software allows students to quickly enter in their old textbooks (just by the book’s ISBN), and then allows other students to search for those same textbooks by course (if their professor participates in BookDefy), or by the book’s information. From here, students approach each other in an online environment privately (i.e. no information is disclosed until an exchange is scheduled). Students then meet up in a public location, one of BookDefy’s exchange partners, and exchange their textbooks in a relatively safe environment.

BookDefy is a free service for students, and most of all, the site focuses on online privacy. Unlike most websites out there, BookDefy does not sell a student’s personal information or disclose it to third parties. BookDefy is further regulated by the community – all of which are students (you must have a valid University e-mail address to join).

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