Some advice for your interviews during college – do not talk about your parents!

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Recently, we have been discussing with a few interviewers (grad school, recruiters,…) to get their feedback on successful interviews especially for college students trying to get an internship or a full-time position. We thought it could be a great way to support our readers. One of the recurring themes is the dependence over their parents. A lot of students do not realize that they spend too much time on their interviews talking about their parents or their family (brothers, sisters,cousins,…).

A few examples:
– “I decided to go to engineering school because both my parents are engineers”
– “I wanted to become a teacher because my father was a great teacher”
– “I decided to work for company X because my mother has been working there for Y years…”
– “I am actually passionate about movies but my mother told me it would be better for me to work in marketing…”
– “My brother did this so I decided to do the same…”
– “My sister is passionate about gambling and I am a big fan of poker and video slots…”

Though it can be an argument in your conversation, it does not support your candidacy. It proves that as a candidate you might not be able to make your own decisions and you are still dependent and your parents decide you. Interviewers don’t judge that but they just might feel that you are not exactly sure why you are here today. To avoid these traps, there is a simple trick: simply DO NOT mention your parents in these interviews. It’s as simple as that. It does not help your case and it’s not that complicated to avoid this subject. You have lots of topics to discuss for 30 minutes or more and there are many ways for you to be successful and get the job that you are looking for.

And when you get a job you will be able to celebrate with your friends and play beer pong for example…

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