Productivity vs Passion


Cal Newport has posted a very insightful post recently titled Productivity is Overrated. While many people will argue against this idea, Cal does have some interesting arguments:

  • Being productive does not make you accomplished.
  • It does, however, make being accomplished less stressful.

This leads to the idea that accomplishing your goals is not about productivity at all, but is driven by determination and passion. It may take a little longer in the end, but if you are focused on your hopes and dreams than you do not need to be organized or very productive to reach them.

Having watched many documentaries on some of the greatest minds of the Twentieth Century, I have noticed that they majority of them do not follow many of the productivity tips shared here – they are messing, and unorganized. But what makes achieve all of their goals is a driving passion that consumes them.

Remember that productivity is not the most important thing in accomplishing your goals, but it could easily halve the time it takes for you to reach them.

[And for anyone who was wondering, the picture of the tomatoes symbolizes organization]

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