6 Tips to Avoid Writer’s Block + 4 More

Writer’s Block

 Rory Marinich from LifeHack has provided a great resource for all budding authors, and can be applied to nearly every assignment scenario. Sometimes the hardest part of any assignment can be the beginning. Even if you have already done a lot of research, the writing process is often very intimidating. The 6 tips provided by Rory can help:

  • Decide what you actually want to write
  • Make sure you’re interested in what you’re writing
  • Outline the basics of what you’re trying to get done
  • Stop everything else and concentrate on writing
  • Lower your standards
  • Take your time before revising

One of the best tips I was ever given about writing was by my high school english teacher, who said that the most important part of any writing is in the plan behind it. Most students start writing straight away, and just go from the start to the end. While this sounds logical, there are easier ways to improve your writing. To go along with the 6 tips above, I have created 4 more from my personal experience.

  • Don’t start at the beginning – the introduction and the conclusion should be written last. This means that they will flow more easily into the body of the writing. It also allows you to summarize the whole article/assignment/story with ease.
  • Write a Plan – creating a simple page long plan of what you are going to write can be one of the most powerful tools in any writer’s arsenal. Just create a list of dot points of all the topics that you want to cover, and in which paragraph they should fall.
  • Edit, Edit and Edit Again – no matter how many times you read through something you have written, you will never remove all of the errors. Getting another person to help you edit is much more effective because they might pick up on things that you have missed. Editing should be the final thing that you do, but it could very well take the longest.
  • Write by Hand – something that I have noticed, is that my work is almost always better when I write it by than when I use a computer. This is because you have the ability to change things much more easily. Entire paragraphs can be crossed out in an instant, and it seems to just give a different style of writing than anything computer based.

I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that the most difficult, and yet important part of writing is before you have even started to write. Creating a plan, focusing your attention on a specific topic, and writing about what you are interested in can help you in your writing difficulties.

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