The Smart Student’s Way to Get Things Done


Have a big list of tasks that you need to complete by a certain time can sometimes be intimidating for even the most dedicated student. But there is an easy way to make youself feel more productive and hopefully get more things done.

The simple, yet somehow contradictory answer is to make a bigger list.

Expand each of your tasks into several different, smaller points, where each can be easily achieved. For example, if you have an assignment that you need to complete:

  • Maths Assignment

Then an easy way to cross that off your list, making yourself feel much more productive, and focusing your energy is to change it into:

  • Research Differentials
  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Hand it in

This means that you have turned one task into four much easier tasks. This is a secret that productive students use all the time to get more things done. Although you may say that this does not actually get anything else accomplished, it is very beneficial for your mind. You are constantly completing smaller tasks, and do not feel bombarded by the lack of accomplishment. This simple method can turn a long, hard day of study into a very productive day.

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