How to Save Money on Textbooks




Brad Issac from Dumb Little Man said to “Get your Books early.” This may be a good thing to do if you want to get them out of the way and focus on your studies, but it is the complete opposite idea if you need to save money for your books for college.

I have learnt from experience to wait as long as possible before buying textbooks. It is very often the case that lecturers are forced to issue textbooks for each of their classes, but then never even use them. Another possibility is that one of their collegues actually wrote the books, and they are trying to increase sales.

If you wait at least two weeks before you start buying textbooks, you will have a vague idea of what textbooks will be used, and which ones will not. Sometimes this can mean a saving of several hundred dollars, and in the long run this is a great financial success.

If you do decide that there are several textbooks you need to buy, then there are still several ways to save money.

  1. Second Hand Stores

  2. Buy from other Students

  3. Buy an earlier edition

  4. eBay

A lot of textbook publishes bring out a new edition every few years, and the only differences are the chapter or page numbers. Buying an earlier edition can be a significant saving, and there really isn’t that much difference at all.

Remember, the book stores will never run out of textbooks, and you can always order more in. You will not miss out.

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