Get More Work Done – Change your Workspace


Getting more work done in a shorter time frame is one of the most important things that any student should always be striving for. The most obvious way to do this is to try and remove all distractions from the room around you. TV’s, computer games, music, and friends can all be taken out of the picture for the short time that you need to work.

It is for this reason that people seem to get so much work done in a specialized workspace, like a library or cubicle. Sit down, and focus on completing a certain amount of tasks in a distraction free environment, and you will certainly get more work done.

If you work or study in the same place that you relax, than this can be a problem. Distractions will always creep into your work, and it will be harder to focus.

Hope is not lost however. There are¬†ways to create a more ‘Work Friendly’ environment.

  • Remove all distractions, eg. computers, TVs, music

  • Establish uninterruptible periods [LifeHack/Steve Pavlina]

  • Get everything you need within easy reach, eg. textbooks, calculators, blank paper

My personal favourite is to go to your local library. It is a quiet place, with huge amounts of information just around the corner.

The real reason this works is because of the change in your mindset. One place is to relax, the other is for work, and the two should never meet. The problem for most students is that these two places are the one room. Try this out for a few days, and you will certainly see an improvement.

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