5 Ways to Increase your Productivity by Working Smarter

Study Hard

As the first post of the new and improved Student Help Forum, I decided to go out with a bang. Staying productive is an important part of any students life. With all the distractions of modern life, there needs to be a way to be able to combat procrastination and get all your work done. But there is an alternative – reduce the amount of time you work and increase the amount of work you get done.

  1. Organize your Life – Work on your most important tasks first. There is no use spending hours on a trivial task when a much more important one can be done in a few minutes. Planning a schedule can be hard to do, but there are many ways to do this easily. [WikiHOW]
  2. Create a To-Do List – This is an extension of point 1. Create a list of everything that needs to be done and change the order in terms of what what should be done first. Remember to cross things off as you complete them. There is a great feeling of relief when you can finally cross another task off your list.
  3. Remove Distractions – Turn off the TV, take the phone off the hook, and close down your email. There is nothing worse for your productivity than continually stopping and start because of distractions. Complete your tasks, and then give yourself a bit of a break. Do not do both at once.
  4. Establish a Routine – If you focus on a certain topic for an hour every morning, then you will quickly teach yourself that mornings are the best time to think about that topic. This means that you will always feel more inclined to do work then you would at random intervals. The most important part of this step is to stick to your routine. [ZenHabits]
  5. Related Topics – If you have several maths based subjects, then it is more efficient to study them both in a row than to keep switching between topics. This means that you brain can focus on a single basis for a longer period of time instead of changing rapidly.

Don’t get too stressed out about your study when there are simple steps that you can use to work smarter, not harder. By optimizing the time that you do spend working you can get much more completed. This is based on the famous 80/20 rule, which says that 20% of your time completes 80% of your work. It is up to you to increase this percent.

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