10 tips for managing credit cards

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We love to help students and managing credit cards is a skill that will be very helpful in your future. We want to give you a few tips that you have to remember to make sure you use credit cards in a responsible way. Silver Credit Cards is an expert to help you find the […]

iPad vs. MacAir: Which is better for schools?

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The world of personal computing has changed enormously in the past few years, not least because of the emergence of tablet PCs. Tablets allow users to perform the same tasks they would do on a PC or laptop on a portable touchscreen device, without the added weight or lack of mobility that comes with its bulkier cousins. Apple’s […]

How to keep a firm grip on your finances in your first job

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Starting out in the world of work is an exciting time, if you’re lucky you’ll get to put into practice some of the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in college and during work placement and begin building a base for your chosen career. Unfortunately we don’t all get to embark on our careers within ideal […]

Live a better life by saving money with coupons

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At Student Help Forum, we are here to help and give you some great advice to save money throughout your student life. Today, we want to help you save some money with coupons. Here are tips to save some money: 1/ Optimize credit cards: credit card companies make tons of money as you spend money […]

ARMA ENERGY – Lose The Liquid. Eat Your Energy.

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ARMA ENERGY Own the track, ski-slope, half pipe or gym. Move mountains. Terrorize trails. Jumpstart your slo-mo morning. Or outlast the night when you’re ready to rage. Now you can bump it up by eating energy – not dinking it. Introducing ARMA ENERGY ARMA ENERGY applied the science of premium energy drinks to a functional […]

Buy and Sell your books online

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Via: Sell Back Your Book There are many ways to save money but a good one is to buy and sell your textbooks online. It’s simple it’s easy and you save money!

Tips While Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad doesn’t only mean opting for the best university. It’s indeed a big challenge which compromises of leaving home, traveling to the new place, accepting foreign culture, making new friends, studies-exams, huge expenses, fun, a new life altogether. Many students take up this challenge with a ‘dream comes true’ approach. But if things aren’t […]

Tips to get a cab in New York

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Great tips for our readers in New York to get a cab! Here are some tips to the tourist, the New Yorker, and the tourist that thinks he’s a New Yorker. Don’t wait till we are passing you to throw up your hail. We need to see you in advance so we can get over […]

What am I really worth?

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An inspiring note from Denise Palmieri Logan. She serves as a mentor to men and women ready to find work that makes them happy AND supports their families (www.conjunctiodora.com). We wanted to share it with you as we thought this could be helpful when you think about how much you are worth for your future […]

A year in New York

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A Year in New York from Andrew Clancy on Vimeo. What a great video about New York… Such a beautiful city! Maybe you could consider study there…

Learn how to invest David Einhorn GMCR

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It could be helpful to learn from the best investors in the world. David Einhorn from Greenlight Capital is one of them. He has outperformed markets for many years and his research is always detailed and accurate. Here is one of his presentations done at the Value Investing Congress 2011 on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters […]

International exchange program – Case study of Leeds

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Moving to a new city such as Leeds is a big change for any student, so knowing where to socialise is important to settle into the area and get to know your fellow students. As such, we’ve created a great guide to the best places to drink in Leeds from local pubs to the best […]

Tips to create a business plan

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You are a future successful entrepreneur and you are looking for inspiration to create a great business plan to convince investors? Here is a business plan you might be interested in: Apple Business Plan (1977) Truly inspiring…

5 back to school tips to save money

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Summer is winding down and it’s time to go back to school! Back to school shopping is very important for consumers. We have decided to give you 5 back to school tips to save money… 1. Define your priorites and make a list Find out what are the immediate needs of your children: a backpack, […]

Online counseling

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In order to be productive and get a better understanding of who you are, counseling could be a good thing for you. More and more people are considering it seriously these days in college. What about considering counseling 2.0 aka online counseling? It sounds silly but it’s actually a really interesting option to consider. Today, […]

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